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Form One is the foundation of your children's high school careers. Enrolling them at Speciss' Chitepo, Bulawayo, Technical or Chitungwiza High School will give them a  solid foundation for a successful high school career.

Speciss High Schools motto is "Every child can!" because they believe that with the appropriate support, every student can achieve the best possible results.
At Speciss High Schools students’ diverse learning requirements are identified and then well catered for at an individual level by maintaining a low teacher-to-student ratio.

This enables tutors to have enough time to interact meaningfully with each individual student and come up with the most effective way to address his or her unique learning challenges.

Learning or social difficulties are flagged early and the student’s parents or guardians are invited to discuss the best solutions with High School staff.
In the same way, parents and guardians are informed of exceptionally good performances.

Tutors at each Speciss High School are supported by a High School Director of Studies, the Campus Director and professional fulltime administrative staff.

This team ensures that learning is always conducted according to set quality standards.

Aspiring "Einsteins" will be glad to know that they can carry out all science practicals in modern laboratories, while the next generation of computing gurus will gain a valuable head start in contemporary computer labs.

Fully stocked libraries, well maintained facilities and orderly conduct of students makes the general atmosphere at each Speciss Campus conducive to learning.

On-site canteens mean that students are able to grab a bite to eat when they become hungry.

Speciss High Schools appreciate that student’s success can only take place in an environment where there is ongoing interaction between tutors, parents and students.

Towards this end, consultation days are held at least once a year for each form.

Consultation days are an important part of the academic calendar as they give parents and tutors an opportunity to discuss students’ achievements as well as challenges.

An “open-door” policy is in place, where parents can pop in during break time or in the afternoon to discuss any matters concerning their children’s wellbeing. 
Further to this, the High School maintains regularly updated academic records for each student.

Information from these records is compiled to generate regular reports that are mailed to parents and guardians.
You will be relieved to know that Speciss High Schools charge affordable fees and offer flexible fee payment options which means that your children can access all these world-class educational facilities  without you having to break your budget.

Bothersome Form One entrance tests are not an issue as Speciss High Schools don't limit entry according to individual academic ability.

When registering prospective Form One students, please bring originals and copies of the following documents:-
Grade 7 results slip (or previous school term report)
Birth Certificate

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