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Benefits galore from attending consultation days PDF Print E-mail

A stitch in time can indeed save nine. Attending children's school consultation days can identify gaps in student's academic performances and address them in time so that they attain the best possible results.
Aletha Mutepfa, the Director of Studies for Speciss Chitepo Campus High School, says that consultation days provide a platform for students, parents and teachers to interact and identify the best ways to support students in their studies.

While admitting that the hustle and bustle of modern living can make setting aside time for consultations difficult, Aletha says parents should treat consultations with the same importance as they do crucial work meetings.
"We encourage all parents to set aside time to attend consultations as they are very important in assisting students to realize their full academic potential," she says.

Consultation Days at the Chitepo High School are unique in that teachers, parents and students have an opportunity to sit down together to work out the best ways of ensuring academic success.
Aletha says that the purpose of consultation days is two-pronged in that it assists students who are performing well to maintain or exceed these high levels, while also assisting students who have not achieved the required standard.

In some instances students could be performing well in some subjects but struggling in others.

Aletha says that intervention could take the form of remedial lessons or closer supervision of students’ revision at home.

"After identifying problem areas, we give practical advice on what exactly needs to be done to overcome them," she says.

Aletha reiterates that academic success is relative to each individual student's aptitude.

"Academic success does not necessarily mean a chain of As, but rather the best possible results that your children can achieve," she says.

Aletha encourages students to work to the best of their ability as their parents and teachers will always be committed to providing them with the best resources.

The Chitepo High School Director allays students fears about consultation days being "judgment days" of sorts, saying that they should rather consider them as an important part of learning.

"Professional athletes have fitness tests, employees have regular appraisals and students have consultation days," Aletha says.

Aletha says that consultation days also provide parents with an opportunity to make suggestions and air any other concerns.

"Over the years consultation days have enabled parents to give feedback about many issues," says Aletha.

She cites the introduction of school uniforms two years ago as one of the developments that was first discussed at consultation days.

Aletha likens the relationship between parents and teachers to a partnership and she encourages the former to remain in contact with the latter.

"You must have the numbers and contact details of your children's teachers so that you can talk to them regularly and they can also reach you when they need to," she says.

Aletha encourages parents to maintain an active and ongoing interest in their children’s work and personal lives.

“If every parent could spend just an hour each week reviewing their child’s school work, this would help students to achieve and maintain a good academic record,” she said.

The Chitepo High School Director says such involvement can also take place at an informal level.

"It's important to take time out to celebrate your children's achievements by taking them for pizza, a movie or surprising them with a present," Aletha says.
The Chitepo Campus High School has an open-door policy. Parents are invited to meet tutors at ten o’clock on any morning from Monday to Friday, or at lunch hour during the term-time.

This is an excellent opportunity for parents to discuss any concerns or to tell tutors about anything which could be affecting their child’s academic progress. The relaxed nature of these meetings provides a quick route to problem-solving, and has proven extremely popular with parents.

Consultation days for each form are held at least twice every year.

The next Consultation Day at the Chitepo High School is scheduled for 13 and 14 June and will cater for Forms One, Two, Three and Lower 6.

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