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Speciss College Technical Campus really lives up to its name! Situated in the south-western suburb of Highfield, the Technical Campus provides a wide range of courses that are all relevant to the requirements of industry.

Students can choose from a diverse set of technical courses spanning motor vehicle maintenance, auto-electrics, welding, building, telecommunications and electrical and electronic engineering.

These courses are available under the internationally renowned City & Guilds board and as specially designed Speciss qualifications.
Bothwell Chadambura, the Director of Studies for the Technical Department at the Campus, says that these vocational courses cater for people in industry, for school leavers and even for entrepreneurs.

“When students enrol in the Technical Department, they should expect to pass, acquire quality technical skills and become employable or establish businesses,” he says.

Bothwell says that holders of technical qualifications are able to access employment opportunities locally and internationally.

The Director of Studies says that technical courses can also assist entrepreneurs who deal in electronics and any other technical equipment.

“Businesspeople who are involved in the buying and selling of technical goods can benefit because they become very knowledgeable about their products,” Bothwell says.

At the Technical Campus, the theory learnt in the classroom is complemented by practical work in fully equipped workshops.

Teaching staff at the Technical Department are all well-qualified and staff training workshops ensure that they remain abreast of developments in industry.

Skilled administrative staff ensures that the team of qualified lecturers always conducts lectures to a high standard.

Bothwell says that the Technical Department enjoys a sound working relationship with employers in industry.

“We facilitate industrial visits for our students during which they are exposed to actual working environments,” he says.

A complementary Entrepreneurial Skills course is offered with selected technical courses.
This module teaches students how to complement their technical knowledge with effective business skills.
"The entrepreneurial skills course equips students with the skills to handle the equally important business side of industry," Bothwell says.
He says that the Technical Department aims to continue meeting the demands of modern industry.

“Our aim is to teach students all the theory they need to pass the exams, and to give them all the practical experience they need to move straight into employment or run their own businesses once they have graduated," says Bothwell.

Lay a strong foundation in the technical field of your choice. Visit Speciss Technical Campus in Highfields and let us show you how!

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