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Speciss Chitepo High School; Determined to Remain Relevant PDF Print E-mail

Change has been said to be the only constant in life and the High School at Speciss Chitepo Campus continues to evolve in order to remain in tune to the changing needs of the community it serves.

This year has seen a number of developments taking place foremost being the introduction of school prefects.

Aletha Mutepfa, the Director of Studies at the Chitepo High School, says that after consultation with parents and other stakeholders, the High School decided to respond to the changing needs of its current market.

This saw the Chitepo High School introducing prefects to provide students with positive role models.

"Our young body of prefects was selected from exemplary students with good grades and to date they are doing a great job of influencing their peers positively," she says.

Aletha says that the Chitepo High School will continue to adapt their services in a way that best serves parents, students and the community.

A similar landmark development took place in 2013 when the Chitepo High School introduced school uniforms.

Cultural and community activities have of late also enjoyed a resurgence at the Chitepo High School.

The School's Interact Club has grown in size and scope and continues to prove that sharing is indeed caring.

Just before breaking for First term school holidays, members of the Chitepo High School Interact Club spent an afternoon at the Rose of Sharon High School in Ruwa.

The Ruwa based school is part of the Rose of Sharon Welfare Organisation which is an institution that assists vulnerable and orphaned children.

In addition to handing over books, stationery, toiletries and various groceries,  the Speciss students interacted with their Rose of Sharon counterparts through dance and various games.

Prior to this, the Chitepo High School Interact Club had visited Upenyu Hutsva Children's Home in Highfield where they also donated various goods as well as socialised with the residents.

Aletha says that the Chitepo High School will always remain supportive of such ventures as they contribute to the building of a better society.

The Chitepo High School is excited about the zeal our students have shown for assisting the less privileged and we will always support them wholeheartedly," she says.

In the same vein things are looking up for the newly formed Chitepo High School Toastmasters Club.

During the first term the Club hosted a leadership training seminar and social event for members.

Toast Masters is an international non-profit organisation involved in developing public speaking and leadership skills clubs across the world since 1924.

The Toastmasters Club at Speciss Chitepo High School is run under the guidance of local Toastmasters members.

Aletha says that this increased involvement in the community contributes to moulding well rounded and responsible citizens.

"We are confident that our students receive the best possible academic support in the classroom and so these initiatives conducted through Interact and Toastmasters actually add on to this," she says.

As society continues to change, parents and students can be assured that Speciss Chitepo High School will remain relevant and responsive to their needs.

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