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No Maths? No problem Speciss provides the way forward! PDF Print E-mail

Not yet having a pass in O Level Maths should not stop you from pursuing the business qualification of your choice.

John Chinzvende, the Director of Studies at Speciss College Chitepo Campus Business School, says that the College offers a number of international business courses that do not have O Level Maths as a prerequisite.

"Speciss Chitepo Business School offers various qualifications that don't require Maths. These cover the major business sectors which are accounting, banking, finance, administration, hospitality and tourism, human resources, marketing, public relations, media studies, purchasing and supply as well as transport and logistics," says John.

The Chitepo Business School Director goes on to say that even courses that require numeracy like those offered by The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) provide an entry opportunity for students who don't have O Level Maths through "bridging courses".

"A bridging course is a lower level course which you must complete for entry into a higher course. It's a stepping stone or bridge of sorts,"  John says.

In the case of ACCA this would be the ACCA foundation level courses that do not require O Level as a prerequisite for entry.

John says that while students wait to rewrite their O Level Maths or for their results to be released, they should be able to start a on a qualification so that they can enter the job market within the shortest time possible.

"Maths is an important subject but while you work towards obtaining a pass in Maths you must make the best use of all your time and this can be by starting and pursuing a professional course," he says
If you didn’t do well in the subject, Speciss offers a Maths Clinic at the Chitepo Study Centre.

This innovative programme is specially designed to assist people struggling to pass O Level Maths. At the onset of each Maths Clinic, seasoned tutors administer diagnostic tests on a range of Maths skills.

They may even have to trace each Maths concept all the way back to its first appearance in the syllabus, which can be as early as Grade Three.

nce these vital symptoms have been analysed, tutors can determine the level at which problems arose and start teaching from there going all the way up to the fourth form.

The Maths Clinic is open to all students regardless of their age or the level at which they failed Maths.

So whether or not you currently have a pass in O Level Math or are working towards getting a pass in the subject, you can launch your career in the business world right away.

Visit the Chitepo Campus today and register for the most suitable business qualification for you!

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