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Establish an unshakeable reputation for putting together unforgettable events

Teamwork is essential for good event management
  • Do you want to learn the details of how to put a successful event together?

  • Do you want to acquire the necessary skills to run a professional events management operation?

Prospective Careers:

  • Decor Designer


Who will issue your certificate?
Once you’ve completed your study with Speciss College and passed the exams, you’ll be awarded the Speciss College Diploma in Events Management.

This qualification will take your career in events management to the next level!

Speciss College is the largest private education institution in Zimbabwe. We provide a diverse range of education and training facilities; just take a look at the menu of courses we offer, and you’ll see that we cover more than 20 different fields of study!

The College’s well-deserved reputation for quality – established over 40 years - ensures that our students have a head-start in the job market and in their academic careers.

Speciss College’s training facilities are outstanding and the teachers and lecturers perform to the highest standards.

Speciss students regularly achieve results above international and national averages.

A qualification from Speciss College will equip you with skills to succeed in today’s competitive world!

Entry requirements for this course
To enter the Speciss Events Management Diploma course you need to be able to speak and write fluent English, as well as have the ability to do basic maths calculations.

What you will learn

This is what you’ll study in the Speciss Events Management course:

  1. Module One – The Concept of Events Management
  2. Module Two - The Event Planning Process
  3. Module Three - Event Team Dynamics
  4. Module Four - Contingency Planning
  5. Module Five – Skills and Characteristics Required for Event Management

What exams will you write?
Students will do a practical project and write a theory exam which will contribute 60% and 40% respectively to the final mark.

Please talk to the Speciss Exams Officer to find out when exam fees are due.

When and where are the classes and what are the fees?

Lessons are offered at different times on different campuses, with some lessons being held during the day, and others in the evening or at weekends.

Often the same course can be studied at a variety of different times, so you can choose the one which is more convenient to you.

You’ll get your personal timetable when you register at Speciss College.



What about books and stationery?

You’ll need to bring your own notebooks and writing materials to your classes. For your convenience, we have a range of stationery items at the Speciss bookshops.


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