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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) PDF Print E-mail

Expand your international network by learning to communicate in fluent English

 Communicate with almost anyone on the globe
  • Do you want to understand, speak, read and write basic English?


Who will issue your certificate?

Once you’ve completed your study with Speciss College and passed the exams for your level you’ll be awarded the English for Speakers of Other Languages Certificate.

Entry requirements for this course

You do not need any qualifications – except a desire to improve your English!  For a small administrative charge of US$30 you’ll be tested to ascertain your skill in English, and then assigned to the appropriate level.

What you will learn

In the English for Speakers of Other Languages course, you can study at 6 different levels, each level taking 3 months to complete.


  • Basic level
  • Elementary level
  • Pre-Intermediate level
  • Intermediate level
  • Higher Intermediate level
  • Advanced level

At the first three levels the student will be taught how to follow conversations in everyday situations as well as understand and respond appropriately to simple statements and questions. The student will also learn how to write simple information, spell correctly and use proper punctuation.

From Intermediate to Advanced Level the student will learn how to listen for and recognise feelings and attitudes expressed through stress and intonation. The student will also learn idiomatic expressions, social courtesies and how to read and understand specialist texts like technical instruction manuals.

What exams will you write?

Exams are held four times per year. You’ll register for the exams with the Speciss College Exams Officer. Information on the exam fees, which are payable at least 6 weeks before the exam, can be obtained from the Speciss College Exams Officer.

The exam is divided into the following 2 parts:-

1. Listening – the student will listen to a recorded tape and respond by writing their answers.
2. Reading - the student will read a comprehension passage and write down the answers.

If you simply wish to learn to speak English, and do not require a certificate, you do not have to take the exams.

When and where are the classes and what are the fees?

Lessons are offered at different times on different campuses, with some lessons being held during the day, and others in the evening or at weekends.

Often the same course can be studied at a variety of different times, so you can choose the one which is more convenient to you.

You’ll get your personal timetable when you register at Speciss College.


What about books and stationery?

You’ll need to bring your own notebooks and writing materials to your classes.

We strongly urge you to buy a copy of the prescribed texts.

Similar courses you should consider at Speciss

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