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  • Get a hands-on qualification at the Technical, Bulawayo or Chitungwiza Campus
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Here are all the details you need to know about the Technical Campus of Speciss College!

If you’re the sort of person who wants a career in the hands-on, vocational field, we’re the best place for you to get all the skills you need to get a job or to set up your own business. And if you thought the Technical Campus offers only technical courses, read on… there are more opportunities for you at the Speciss College Technical Campus than you might have thought!

The Technical Campus is located in Western Triangle – conveniently situated so that residents of nearby suburbs do not have to incur high transport costs to get to class.

We’re Here To Help You!
The contact details for the Campus are on the website – we’d like to invite you to phone us, send us an email or come and visit us. The people who can help you are:

Campus Director
S. Nera
Mr Selby Nera
BA, BSc Eng (Pennsylvania), Member of the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers.

Director of Studies - High School
Mrs Ennety Musasa
BA (UZ), Graduate Certificate in Education (UZ),
Diploma in Adult Education (UZ),
Diploma in Training Management (IPMZ)

Director of Studies - Technical Department
S. Nera
Mr Bothwell Chadambura
BSc (Hons) (UZ), Cert in Ed (UZ)

Director of Studies - Garment Department
C. Purazeni
Mr. C. Purazeni


High School
We opened our High School (Form 1 to Upper Sixth) at the Technical Campus in 2008. You can prepare for Zimsec or Cambridge exams under the guidance of our highly-qualified tutors, who will give you the benefit of their vast teaching experience. You can rely on Speciss College to cover the syllabus – in full and on time!

Now let’s focus on the technical courses. These range from auto electrics to motor maintenance and welding – follow the links in this website to get all the details. Some of them are accredited by City & Guilds, so they’re internationally recognised, and can help you to get a job anywhere in the world. Because the Technical Campus is an accredited Examinations Centre for City & Guilds, you can enter for the exams at the campus – it is easy and convenient for you!

Other technical courses are certified by Speciss College, and enjoy regional recognition. The choice is yours!

When you join our Technical School, you’ll have the use of custom-built workshops for your practical classes. The workshops are well equipped with running vehicles (one diesel and one petrol) as well as a comprehensive supply of old parts, like gearboxes and clutches, which you will take apart and reassemble during practical lessons. There’s a vehicle specifically for the use of the students in the panel beating and spray painting course, and the auto electrics students practise their skills on a stripped-down vehicle. In the carpentry, refrigeration and electronics workshops, you’ll enjoy the use of a variety of tools and pieces of equipment. We give you the opportunity to match the theory to the practice!

Selected students are sent on attachment once they have completed their studies. This is a great opportunity to get work experience, and often leads to employment. You can get the details you need from the Campus Director.

If you’re interested in a career in the garment industry, look no further! Whether you want to learn to sew for yourself and your family, or to set up your own business in the fashion industry, you’ll learn all the skills you need at the Technical Campus!

Our Garment School is fully equipped to make sure that you get the most out of your time with us. You’ll learn how to operate a number of different types of sewing machines, and all the accessories too – irons, buttonholing machines, and overlocking machines. The garment rooms are furnished with large cutting tables, so you’ll work in comfort!

Lesson Times
You can choose to attend lessons in our technical and garment schools during the week or at the weekend. If you’re working during the week, you’ll find the weekend courses very convenient!

Business and Professional
If you’re a budding entrepreneur, join our Business School. You can learn all the basic business skills you need at the Technical Campus!

Many of the qualifications in the Business School are accredited by internationally recognised examining bodies, such as the Institute of Administration and Commerce (IAC), and the Institute of Business and Accounting Services (IBAS). Even if you leave Zimbabwe, you’ll be able to use these qualifications to boost your chances of getting a job.

Your tutors in the Business School are specialists in their field. They’ll tell you how the theory that they’re teaching you is applied in the real world, so you’ll be able to put your lessons into practice once you’ve passed the exams.

The Technical Campus Environment
You’ll enjoy studying in the large, airy classrooms, computer laboratory and workshops. There’s a desk and a chair for each student – Speciss students don’t share!

Once your lessons are finished, you can relax in the spacious grounds around the Campus.

There’s a canteen, which supplies a small range of food and drink for your refreshment. We want you to be able to study and to enjoy your social life at the same time!

The whole Campus is walled, there is a 24-hour security guard at the gate, and our ID card system ensures that only Speciss students have access to the premises, so you’ll be safe and secure while you study at the Speciss College Technical Campus.

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