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Chitepo Campus Profile

Here are all the details you need to know about the Chitepo Campus of Speciss College!

The Chitepo Campus, conveniently located on the edge of the Harare CBD, is the biggest of the Speciss College Campuses, and it gives you a vast range of courses to choose from. Think of each course as a key to unlock the door to your future. Each course is an opportunity for you to advance your academic or professional career, or to increase your chances of getting a job or setting yourself up in your own business – so read on!

We’re Here To Help You!
Here are our contact details – you’ve got an open invitation to phone us, send an email or come and visit us. The people who can help you are:

Director of Studies, High School
A. Mutepfa
Mrs Aletha Mutepfa
BA (UZ) Grad CE (UZ) M Ed (Toronto) Dip in Training Management (IPMZ) Dip in Personnel Management (IPMZ)

Director of Studies, Business School
J. Chinzvende
Mr John Chinzvende
Associate ICB, IAC Management

Director of Studies, Computer and Secretarial School
N. Muchapireyi
Mrs Nyasha Muchapireyi

Director of Studies, Remedial School
J. Mhini
Mrs Jane Mhini
BEd (ZOU), Cert in Ed (Mutare Teachers’ College)

High School
Our High School, which has been in operation for more than 40 years, has helped thousands of students from Form 1 to Upper Sixth to get the best possible results in Zimsec and Cambridge exams. You’ll thrive under the guidance of our highly-qualified tutors, who give you the full benefit of their extensive teaching experience. You can rely on Speciss College to cover the syllabus – in full and on time!

Our science laboratories (for physics, chemistry and biology) give you the ideal facility to work with chemicals and scientific instruments, and to get used to performing practical experiments. This will be invaluable when you do your public exams!

If you want to get another subject to add to your “O” or “A” level certificate, or if you want to cover the 2-year syllabus in one year, come to the Chitepo Campus! We offer intensive courses in “O” and “A” levels to help you cover the syllabus quickly and effectively, with our sights firmly set on the all-important exams at the end of the year.

You might be looking for extra help in some subjects during the term – look no further! We run classes in the afternoons during the term time, for students in primary school and high school, in which we cover specific topics with which you’re having difficulty.

If you’ve failed your “O” or “A” levels, you can enrol for lessons at our Remedial School. Here, our focus is on identifying the problem areas that you’re having with the syllabus, so that we can work with you to resolve the problem. We’re proud of our record of achievement, and we invite you to share in our success!

Public Examinations
Because the Chitepo Campus is an accredited examination centre for both Zimsec and Cambridge, you can enter for exams at the premises; it’s easy and convenient! Our Examinations Officer will give you professional assistance in getting your exam entry right.

If you are not a Speciss student, and you would like to enter for Cambridge exams, we can help you. Please follow the links on the website to get the information you need.

Holiday Classes
The Holiday Revision and Remedial classes at the Chitepo Campus are responsible for turning many a borderline student into one who passes the exams. If you need guidance in going through past papers; in the subtle skill of exam technique; or simply an opportunity to go through the tricky parts of your syllabus again, then the Chitepo Campus’ Holiday courses, covering “O” levels, “A” levels and “A” level practicals, are what you need!

Computer and Secretarial
The Computer and Secretarial School at the Chitepo Campus, equipped with the most modern and cutting-edge computer hardware and software, has provided a springboard for many successful careers in the computer and secretarial fields. You’ll enjoy our standard of “one student to one computer”. You’ll have the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised computer qualification, such as the National Computing Centre (NCC) qualifications, which open doors for you whether you choose to work in Zimbabwe or elsewhere. Or you can get the International Computer Driving Licence – a necessity in today’s business world – or enrol for a variety of short computer courses which will launch you into the job market with confidence.

If it’s a secretarial career you’re interested in, we can help you there too. You can go for the Speciss Executive Secretarial Diploma, which is a great, 3-in-1 package: you’ll graduate with an LCCI Personal Secretary’s Diploma, plus 3 modules of ICDL, plus a Speciss bookkeeping certificate. Or you can train to become a receptionist - just have a look at the course details in the website.

Business and Professional
Do you want to be a manager? Or a buyer? Or a human resources officer? Or an accountant? Or a travel agent? Or a marketing professional? These are just a few (and there are many more – have a look on the website!) of the job opportunities open to students from our Business School. If you’re working during the day, you can come to lessons in the evenings. If not, you can attend classes in the afternoons - whatever suits you best!

Your tutors in the Business School are specialists in their field. They’ll tell you how the theory that they’re teaching you is applied in the real world, so you’ll be able to put your lessons into practice once you’ve passed the exams.


Being able to speak, read and write another language is an enormous advantage, and sometimes a business necessity. If you’d like to learn how to speak Shona, Ndebele, Chinese, Portuguese or any other language, come to the Chitepo Campus! You’ll learn the language on a one-to-one basis, with a teacher who is fluent in the language and will guide you every step of the way.

If you want to improve your command of English, we can help! The internationally recognised City & Guilds qualification, known as English for Speakers of Other Languages, gives you a professional and carefully structured approach to learning English.

Teaching English as a second language is a highly specialised skill – and one which is a rewarding career for graduates of the City & Guilds Access Certificate in English. You’ll get a job teaching English anywhere in the world when you have this qualification!

In-House Training
The Chitepo Campus can help you in yet another way – by providing training for your staff at your premises. We’ll train your staff in skills ranging from reception skills to team building, from stock control to change management. We’ll design a course to meet your specific needs, prepare the handouts, and provide the best trainer available. It’s as easy as that!

We offer a number of short courses in specific skills areas, such as Customs and Legislation Procedures, and Stores and Warehouse Management. If you’re looking for a course which can help you gain promotion, or start you off on a new career path, come to the Chitepo Campus!

The Chitepo Environment
You’ll enjoy the clean, spacious classrooms and laboratories at the Chitepo Campus, and you’ll be assured of having the use of your own desk and chair in the classrooms – Speciss students don’t have to share!

Once your classes are finished, you can relax in the cool and shaded courtyards around the Campus. There’s a canteen, which supplies a range of food and drink for your refreshment. We want you to be able to study and to enjoy your social life at the same time!

Our Resource Centre gives you a quiet, calm place to work between lessons, as well as access to a variety of textbooks in the Library. This is an invaluable help to students who don’t have the prescribed books for their courses.

You can bring your laptop to the Chitepo Campus, and enjoy access to wireless internet. We’re an internet hotspot as well as an educational hotspot!

The whole Campus is walled, there is 24-hour security, and our ID card system ensures that only Speciss students have access to the premises, so you’ll be safe and secure while you study at the Speciss College Chitepo Campus.

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