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Here are all the details you need to know about the Bulawayo Campus of Speciss College!

This campus is our branch in the City of the Kings – and when you come to Speciss College Bulawayo, we treat you like a king! You’ll experience the legendary Speciss quality in everything from tuition to administration, from exam entry to computer and science laboratories.

The Bulawayo Campus is conveniently situated in Jason Moyo Avenue, easily accessible on foot or by car, but away from the noise and bustle of the city centre.

We’re Here To Help You!
The contact details for the Campus are on the website – you have an open invitation to phone us, send an email or come and visit us. The people who can help you are:

Campus Director
R. Whiley
Mr Robert Whiley
BA (Natal)

Deputy Campus Director
A. Matandirodya
Mr Abel Matandirodya
Dip in Ed (Faculty of Teachers in Commerce, UK), Dip in Admin (Faculty of Secretaries and Administrators, UK), Dip in Acc (IAC)

Director of Studies, High School
V. Mahefu
Mrs Violet Mahefu
BA (UNISA) Dip. Ed.Sec (UR)

Director of Studies, Computer and Secretarial School, and Garment School
J. Kahari
Mrs Janet Kahari

Director of Studies, Technical and Business School
T. Chigwada
Mrs Tracey Chigwada
MBA (ZOU), HND Marketing Management (Bulawayo Polytechnic)


High School
Our High School has helped thousands of students from Form 3 to Upper Sixth to get the best possible results in Zimsec and Cambridge exams. You’ll thrive under the guidance of our highly-qualified tutors, who give you the full benefit of their extensive teaching experience. You can rely on Speciss College to cover the syllabus – in full and on time!

Our science laboratory (for physics, chemistry and biology) has recently been fully upgraded. You’ll enjoy working with chemicals and scientific instruments, and getting used to performing practical experiments. This will be invaluable when you do your public exams!

Public Examinations
Because the Bulawayo Campus is an accredited examination centre for both Zimsec and Cambridge, you can enter for exams at the premises; it’s easy and convenient! Our Examinations Officer will give you professional assistance in getting your exam entry right.

If you are not a Speciss student, and you would like to enter for Cambridge exams, we can help you. Please follow the links on the website to get the information you need.

Holiday Classes
The Holiday Revision classes at the Bulawayo Campus are responsible for many students getting better results than they had ever thought possible. If you need guidance in going through past papers; in the subtle skill of exam technique; or simply an opportunity to go through the tricky parts of your syllabus again, then the Bulawayo Campus’ Holiday courses, covering “O” levels, “A” levels and “A” level practicals, are what you need!

Computer and Secretarial
The Computer and Secretarial School at the Bulawayo Campus, equipped with the most modern and cutting-edge computer hardware and software, has provided a springboard for many successful careers in the computer and secretarial fields. You’ll enjoy our standard of “one student to one computer”. You’ll have the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised computer qualification, such as the National Computing Centre (NCC) qualifications, which open doors for you whether you choose to work in Zimbabwe or elsewhere. Or you can get the International Computer Driving Licence – a necessity in today’s business world – or a variety of short computer courses which will launch you into the job market with confidence.

You can go for the Speciss Executive Secretarial Diploma, which is a great, 3-in-1 package: you’ll graduate with an LCCI Personal Secretary’s Diploma, plus 3 modules of Microsoft software applications, plus a Speciss bookkeeping certificate. Or you can train to become a receptionist - just have a look at the course details in the website.

Business and Professional
Do you want to be a manager? Or a buyer? Or a human resources officer? Or an accountant? Or a travel agent? Or a marketing professional? These are just a few (and there are many more – have a look on the website!) of the job opportunities open to students from our Business School. If you’re working during the day, you can come to lessons in the evenings. If not, you can attend classes in the afternoons - whatever suits you best!

Your tutors in the Business School are specialists in their field. They’ll show you how the theory that they’re teaching you is applied in the real world, so you’ll be able to put your lessons into practice once you’ve passed the exams.

Are you keen to learn technical skills? Then come to the Bulawayo Campus’ Technical School, where you can learn skills ranging from auto electrics to motor maintenance and refrigeration – follow the links in this website to get all the details. Our technical courses are certified by Speciss College, and enjoy regional recognition.

When you join our Technical School, you’ll have the use of custom-built workshops for your practical classes. The workshops are well equipped with running vehicles as well as a comprehensive supply of old parts, like gearboxes and clutches, which you will take apart and reassemble during practical lessons. The auto electrics students practise their skills on a stripped-down vehicle. In the refrigeration and auto electrics workshops, you’ll enjoy the use of a variety of tools and pieces of equipment. We give you the opportunity to match the theory to the practice!

If you’re interested in a career in the garment industry, look no further! Whether you want to learn to sew for yourself and your family, or to set up your own business in the fashion industry, you’ll learn all the skills you need at the Bulawayo Campus!

Our Garment School is fully equipped to make sure that you get the most out of your time with us. You’ll learn how to operate a number of different types of sewing machines, and all the accessories too – irons, buttonholing machines, and overlocking machines. The garment rooms are furnished with large cutting tables, so you’ll work in comfort!

Lesson Times
You can choose to attend lessons in our technical and garment schools during the week or at the weekend. If you’re working during the week, you’ll find the weekend courses very convenient!

The Bulawayo Environment
The classrooms in the Bulawayo Campus are large and airy. You’ll have a desk and a chair to yourself in the classroom – Speciss students don’t share desks and chairs!

Once your classes are finished, you can relax in the cool and shaded courtyards around the Campus. There’s a canteen, which supplies a small range of food and drink for your refreshment. We want you to be able to study and to enjoy your social life at the same time!

Our students have the use of a large, quiet room in which they can work between lessons, do their homework or work on projects and assignments.

You can bring your laptop to the Bulawayo Campus, and enjoy access to wireless internet. We’re an internet hotspot as well as an educational hotspot!

The whole Campus is walled, there is 24-hour security, and our ID card system ensures that only Speciss students have access to the premises, so you’ll be safe and secure while you study at the Speciss College Bulawayo Campus.

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