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The state of Zimbabwe, for your own protection, has set out the minimum standards to be followed by private colleges like Speciss.

Speciss College fully complies with, and frequently exceeds, the Government registration requirements.

Over the last forty five years Speciss College has offered quality education and training to thousands upon thousands of Zimbabweans and the college is well known for its high standards, integrity, professionalism, efficiency and transparency.

The government regulatory requirements and Speciss College’s reputation is your guarantee that you will receive the best available teaching and customer care leaving you free to concentrate on passing your examinations and succeed in your chosen career.

Here are the legal details of the Regulatory position of Speciss College.

Zimbabwean legislation governing the education and training sector makes provision for the operation of education and training institutions as business and provides a regulatory mechanism for such colleges.

There are two regulatory procedures that affect Speciss College and as a result the college is registered in two different ways:

1. As an Independent College, in terms of Part X of the Education Act
[Chapter 25:04] and the Education (Correspondence and Independent Colleges) Regulations, 1998 (SI 371 of 1998) made in terms of section 69 of the Education Act.

1.1. The registration as an Independent College covers Speciss College’s training in academic areas leading to qualifications such as O and A Level. Speciss College provides these through its High Schools which are regulated by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture.

2. As a Non-Government Vocational and Technical Training Institution in terms of section 9 of the Manpower Planning and Development Act [Chapter 28:02] and the Manpower Planning and Development (Non-Government Vocational and Technical Training Institutions) Regulations, 1996 (SI 333 of 1996) made in terms of the Manpower Planning and Development Act.

2.1. The registration as a Non-Government Vocational and Technical Institution (NGVT) covers all the other areas of training that Speciss College delivers. These include business and professional qualifications, computer courses, secretarial courses, technical and garment courses, language training, University of South Africa (UNISA) licensee etc. In these areas NGVTs are regulated by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

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