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Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps, has estimated that in the brain there are at least 1 trillion individual neurons or nerve cells. He also says that each of these neurons can interact with up to 100,000 other neurons.
To illustrate the potential of the human brain Buzan compares it to the number of atoms in the universe. The atom is the smallest thing we know and the universe is the largest thing that exists.
If it takes a person one life time to count the number of atoms in the universe, the same person will have to live eight life times to count the number of possible interactions in the brain!
That’s how magnificent is the computer you carry between your ears.
Children learning

THINK back to your childhood. Make time to observe the behaviour of a child.

Observe the child’s curiosity. Notice the way the child asks questions, and how the child investigates things.

Listen to the child asking, again and again "How does it work?" "Why does it happen?" "Where does it come from?"? "What is it doing here?" "And again why?"

Notice how tired, even exhausted, the adults look after a what, how, where, when, and why session with a child.

And yet the child is happy to continue almost forever in its quest for knowledge.

To the child, this search for information and understanding is an adventure, an exciting journey in discovery.

Children aren’t afraid to make a mistake. In fact they learn from making mistakes, driven by the power of their natural curiosity. The child is a learning machine.

Children are born with this natural curiosity, with this urge to know and understand, with this hunger to learn.

Do children lose these inborn abilities and desires as they are growing up? No they do not.

Natural curiosity, the urge to know and the hunger to learn are part of every human’s genetic make up.

How else can our drive to understand the universe around us be explained?

What happens is that, as we get older, our natural urge to learn becomes obscured mainly because we are stifled by social pressures.

Here is an example of such social pressures: Teacher explains something to her class. Winnie puts her hand up and asks a question.

The whole class including the teacher laughs. The teacher says, "Winnie, you must concentrate better next time."

Winnie gets the message that asking questions is not the correct thing to do.

The other children in the class get the same powerful message.

The child’s natural urged to know has not disappeared but it has been masked by this experience.

Your urge to know and to question can be a new powerful force in your learning. Unmask the child in you. Let the adventure and the excitement of learning re-live.

Let the curiosity take over again and let the questions flow once more.

Stop all these social considerations oppressing you. Stop them suppressing the child in you.

Unmask the child in you!

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