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The picture of success – achievement starts with a powerful idea

Visualise your way to success

THE world’s greatest scientists, athletes, business people and other super-achievers all started their inspiring stories with an idea. They were able to visualise success before it became visible to themselves or the outside world.

Though you might not feel like a charismatic business tycoon or a respected world leader, you too can tap into the power of your mind.

You can literally visualise your way to success in your studies and other areas of your life by spending a few minutes every day creating a mental picture of your chosen success.  

If you’re a student, you can paint vivid pictures in your mind of your graduation ceremony.

This exercise will probably feel a little strange the first few times you try it, but with patience and practice you will soon get better at it.

As the pictures of your success become more vivid, add detail into them. Bring colour, movement and sound into your visualisations.  

Paint that graduation day scene in your mind’s eye, right down to the music being played, the clothes you are wearing and the weather on that day. Visualise how your close family members and friends are celebrating your success.

Feel the pride swelling up your chest and the powerful emotions of self-satisfaction and achievement as you walk up to the podium to receive your certificate.

Visualisation is not a magic spell that will grant all your desires. Rather it is what psychologists call a “force of internal motivation”. The clearer your mental picture of success becomes, the more motivated you’ll be to go out and get what you want.

The visualisation process does not take a long time. The few minutes between your classes, as you brush your teeth, or just before you go to sleep, are enough to lay down the building blocks of your success in your mind.

Remember all achievements start with a powerful idea, so go on and start painting the masterpiece of your success.


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