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Put your feet up - taking time out from your studies to relax will help you stay sharp

We often become so caught up in the rush to beat deadlines and reach goals that we forget that our minds and bodies, need regular relaxation in order to function effectively.

Here are four tips to help you cope with the unavoidable pressures that come with balancing work, studies and your personal life:-

Set aside a time to relax every day.

  • Whether you put your feet up and snooze on the couch, or watch your favourite television programme, regular “me time” helps you to unwind.


Engage in extra-curricular activities that you enjoy.

  • In addition to relaxing your mind, physical activities like sport also keep your body healthy.

Learn and practise regularly a relaxation technique.

  • This can include deep breathing, stretching, systematic muscle relaxation, or even massage.

Establish or become involved in a student self-help group.

  • Within such groups you can discuss challenges with fellow students and share the best ways to tackle them.

Above all remember that as much as your studies are important, maintaining a healthy balance between work and rest will make you sharper in the long term.

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