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?Job overview
?Attorneys are the legally-trained and - qualified persons from whom individuals, organisations, companies and associations seek advice when they have legal problems.

?What do people do in this profession?
?Many attorneys consider themselves to be general practitioners, working in a wide field including business and corporate law, civil and criminal litigation, property transactions, taxation and estate planning.

?But there are attorneys who specialise in either commercial or criminal cases, or who focus on litigation, estate planning or tax-related matters.

?What kinds of people are suitable for this career?
?A person must be regarded as fit and proper by the Law Society and the Supreme Court before he/she can be admitted as an attorney.

?This requirement refers mainly to moral integrity, with honesty being an important prerequisite for practising in this profession.

Attorneys can either go into private practice on their own or in partnership with one or more other attorneys,? or they can work in the government attorney’s office, or be employed as legal advisers for other organisations.

?What qualifications are needed?
?A university degree in law, followed by employment in a clerkship in a firm of lawyers.

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