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Job overview
Assistant draughtsmen help prepare detailed plans and maps, as well as finishing off drawings and sketches, the parameters of which have been prepared by designers, cartographers and fully qualified draughtsmen

What do people do in this job?
Assistant draughtsmen assist draughtsmen in portraying projects by means of plans and charts. Drawing is usually done in two steps. The draughtsmen first draw the lines in pencil and then the assistants trace the lines in ink in order to get clear pictures that will not fade. Depending on their experience they may be asked to undertake original, but less complicated, drawings. Modern day drawings are done with computers and assistant draughtsmen must attend courses and become fully conversant with the various computer design packages.

Colouring drawings and maps, freehand lettering, lettering by stencils and by other drawing equipment are further tasks given to the assistants. Lastly they have to learn to file all drawings and plans efficiently.

What kind of people are suitable for this career?
Assistants should be able to work neatly and accurately, as the final product must be correct to the smallest detail. Patience and perseverance are assets, too, as assistants will find themselves handling a fair amount of routine work, and will be at their drawing tables for long periods.

A talent for drawing is a recommendation, but assistant draughtsmen need not necessarily be artistic, because the work does not call for much creativity.

Assistant draughtsmen are employed by government departments, municipalities, architects, engineers etc.

What qualifications are needed?
Secondary school certificates in art are an advantage, plus the courses in draughtsmanship and design offered by tertiary colleges. Computer literacy is essential.

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