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Job overview
Armature-winding is the repairing or rewinding of the coils of an electric motor that have been damaged.

What do people do in this job?
Armature winders have to determine why the coils of an electric motor have been damaged or burnt out and where the damage is located.

This involves first dismantling the motor and removing all dirt, since even a small speck of metal can cause a short circuit, then using various testing instruments.

Having found the fault, they decide whether to repair the coils, completely rewind them or replace them with new coils.

Usually they work with a diagram of the motor or draw it themselves.

What kinds of people are suitable for this job?
Armature winding is repetitive but requires manual dexterity, concentration and alertness, since the operation has to be watched constantly.

A single mistake can cause expensive delay in the completion of a particular job.

What qualifications are needed?
Some knowledge of and interest in electricity are an advantage.

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