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?Job overview
?Anthropology is the scientific study of the nature of man, including the development of body, mind and society.

?Above all it is the study of how people live together as members of society.

?It contributes to the understanding of socio-cultural behaviour.

?It increases awareness of how an individual human being’s responses to the challenges of daily life differ from or are similar to those of his fellows.

?It promotes understanding across boundaries between people in various spheres of life.

?What do people do in this job?
?Anthropologists study human lifestyles or cultures, drawing comparisons and noting similarities and differences between groups as regards kinship, political organisation, religion, legal system, economy, language, education, health care, and art.

They can work in a variety of contexts and occupations such as:? universities, museums, reconstruction and development programmes, human resources departments, law enforcement, social work, architecture and town planning, legal practice, business and industry (labour relations and marketing), health care services, conflict management, and community development.

?Experienced anthropologists can set up as consultants.

?Employers who want to select, train and motivate people from different backgrounds, require information of a socio-cultural nature on people's perceptions and experience, or who wish to introduce new products or methods, may obtain professional knowledge and assistance from a consultant anthropologist.

?What kinds of people are suitable for this career?
?An anthropologist should be able to communicate well with others, develop and maintain good relationships with people from all communities and be patient and tactful, especially when gathering information from people.

?What qualifications are needed?
?At least a bachelor’s degree in one of the social studies disciplines, particularly social anthropology itself (if available), sociology and psychology.

?Postgraduate qualifications are increasingly looked for by employers,

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