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?Job overview
?Agronomy is the science of land culture and the growing of crops, with particular emphasis on the suitability of the soil.

What do people do in this job?
?Agronomists concentrate on the successful growing of crops under prevailing conditions whether dry land or under irrigation.

?They should be prepared to tackle any crop, but in this part of the world will be concerned mainly with, maize, grain sorghum, peanuts, sunflowers, cotton, sugar-cane, potatoes, tobacco and cattle feed.

?Agronomists will consider choice of crop and cultivar, preparation of the soil, planting of the crops, irrigation, and protection of the harvest.

?The aim is, by recommending the best crop and the correct harvesting techniques, to manipulate the interaction between plant and environment effectively.

?Areas of specialisation can include chemical weed science, irrigation, fertilisation, crop physiology and crop management.

?What kinds of people are suitable for this career?
?A fundamental requirement is an interest in biology and the willingness to work in laboratory, office or in the field in various parts of the country.

?Agronomists are usually employed by agricultural cooperatives, manufacturers of fertilizers and pesticides, harvest insurers, universities, agricultural development companies and various government agricultural departments, or they can set up as consultants to one of theses bodies.

?What qualifications are needed?
?A minimum of a BSc or BSc Agric degree, preferably reinforced by a higher (research) degree.

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