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Job overview
Advertising has been defined as “Presenting the most persuasive possible selling message to the right prospects for a product or service, at the lowest possible cost.” It is normally carried out on behalf of a client, by an advertising agency, through the media (press, TV, radio etc).  

What do people do in this job?
An advertising agency's work includes:?

Client service:
The link between the agency and the client is forged by an accounts executive whose job is to present an advertising campaign to the client and explain its advantages, always having regard to the client's wishes. The accounts executive must acquire a detailed knowledge of the client's business.

Media management:
The media team must be conversant with all the means of advertising - press TV, radio, flyers, billboards etc.  ?The advertisements must target the right market or audience, as economically as possible.

A copy-writer creates the words in the advertisements. This calls for a natural ability to write persuasively augmented by good training and experience.

Art direction:
Art directors design the illustrations and lettering of advertisements. On receiving a brief, art directors and copy-writers work jointly on the basic concept. They aim to create an advertisement which will catch the public's attention and at the same time provide easy reading.

Graphic designers are usually responsible for designing logos, packaging and labels, and the layout of editorials or magazines. Computer knowledge is essential. Both art directors and graphic designers should possess some knowledge of the various production processes.

Marketing research:
Is carried out to ascertain consumers' reactions, perceptions and behaviour?

Production (print and electronic):
Print production covers all forms of advertising in the print media, i.e. newspapers and magazines, as well as in brochures, posters and promotional material. Electronic production relates closely to the broadcast media, i.e. television and radio.

What kinds of people are suitable for this career?
Advertising appeals to people who are creative, resourceful, enjoy variety, have drive, are hard-working and can cope under stress?

What qualifications are needed?
School -leaving English language qualifications, plus computer literacy are essential and on the art/graphics/design side a qualification from an art school.

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