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Job overview
Agriculturists are scientifically trained experts in agriculture. Farmers, agricultural technicians and agricultural scientists who use their knowledge to produce food and fibres, can all be seen as agriculturists. 

Often they work together in a team.

Training, counselling and research are important tasks of the agriculturist.

What do agriculturists do?
Agricultural scientists apply their knowledge of Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics to agriculture and try to improve production and the means of production. They convey new ideas to farmers and technicians.

Agricultural technicians process the information from the agricultural scientist so that farmers can use it. They advise farmers on farming methods. Sometimes they are also involved in agricultural research.

Agriculturists in general can specialise in fields such as agronomy, biochemistry, zoology, physics, genetics, soil science, entomology, agricultural extension, agricultural meteorology, botany, dairy science, animal science, agricultural economy, agricultural engineering, pasture science, oenology and wildlife management.

What kinds of people are suitable as agriculturists?
Agriculturists should love nature and must be interested in agriculture. An interest in Biology is particularly recommended.

Agriculturists can be employed by private organisations such as manufacturers of agricultural remedies, food companies, farming enterprises and co-operatives, semi-governmental organisations.

Agricultural engineers are employed by consulting engineering organizations which specialise in agriculture.

Vary according to the particular route to be followed.

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